Cappello | Southcoast Mall

CAPPELLO seeks to intrigue and stir the elegance and charm of an era that enticed one of fiction’s greater dreamers Gatsby. Much like the novel we have allowed the glamour and class of classical mingling and socializing to be our inspiration. We envisage a subtle casual and delicious atmosphere. The divine delicacy and chemistry of both its feminine flair and macho ambition creates a tantalizing social arena. With unsurpassed energy and a simple world-class touch, CAPPELLO aims to bring delight to every experience. We promise to create an ideal flexible flavour and mood to complement your occasion, be it business or pleasure with FOOD, PASSION and PEOPLE at the centre of your experience.

  • Floor 1 - Shop 22
  • 066 037 7598
  • Mon - Sun: 8.00am - Till late
    Public Holidays : 8.00am - Till late